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Lee Hartleytours withLes McCann, sings with Many Swingin Big Bands,and  sells out shows as Dusty Springfield in a tribute show.  Lee began singing Gospel music as a soloist, at the age of three.  She later sang with her two older sisters as The Hartley Sisters throughout the South.  She toured the church bible belt with her family and Father who was the State Bishop.  She and her sisters performed with impeccable harmonies as the family traveled to many states.  In high school and college she played saxophone, sang in choirs, and studied voice.  She later moved to Florida and sang in a Rhythm and Blues band in the Keys.  Then to New York City where she continued to study voice, sang in local clubs and met the most impressive musicians of the day.  Lee toured as a backup singer and as a lead female vocalist for a dance band which toured the United States.  Her career next took her to Tokyo and Osaka to sing at the Playboy Clubs.  Since then she has appeared in Jazz festivals both in the United States, Japan and Hawaii.  Throughout her career, she has worked with numerous jazz groups in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Barbara, and Palm Springs.  She is comfortable in many styles of music, but loves jazz.  In Los Angeles she booked two night clubs which expanded her knowledge of music, network of professionals and jazz artists. Her new release Whole Lotta Somethin' is a solo album with an impressive array of legendary jazz musicians such as Les McCann, Bob Magnuson and Jaime Valle.  She has performed with Les McCann, The Eric Reed Trio, The Gand Band as well as other Big Bands.  With an engaging presence, this consummate artist covers a variety of musical genres with a unique, soulful style of her own.