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ALPHONSE MOUZON CEO/Chairman of Tenacious Records: 5 STARS 


I'm so impressed with new jazz/pop/soul singer Lee Hartley's new CD "Whole Lotta Somethin' that she released on her own!  Great vocals, songs and musicianship!  Legendary pianist/vocalist Les McCann appears on this awesome swinging release!  I recommend this impeccable CD to all of my fans!!

"Lee is like a fine, long lived recipe.  Even though she's a young, energetic soul who's learned from "What Was"...It gives her the "Just RIght Know How" to handle the Music of "Now".  There is NO One like her.  She is the Full Package."  - Les McCann

"Hartley, an impressive jazz artist...performing in a style that enhanced a mainstream jazz perspective with illuminating aspects of Gospel music and blues...with spontaneity, imagination and swing."   -  Don Heckman - International Review of Music

Lee Hartley's CD

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Lee Hartley